Refill The Luxury. Top Up The Value.

Myddfai Trading Company Wins Prestigious European Award for Excellence
December 5, 2014

1-litre-refill-sinsir-twym-hand-and-body-wash-and-hand-washWe have good news for your wallet and good news for the environment! 

Our stunningly soothing Awel y Mor / Sea Breeze and Sinsir Twym/ Warm Ginger bathroom ranges are now available as refills!

From us: a gift of pure pampering that keeps on giving.

It’s always about giving…

So now, for the first time ever, you get a 250ml bottle AND a 1lt refill for just £27.75! That’s the equivalent of 5 x 250ml bottles full for a fraction of the price, and a fraction of the plastic!

We are now also offering a 100ml diffusers with a 250ml refill for only £39.99

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Our customers not only invest in our premium brand and lavish products, but in our passion for helping our community to thrive.

If you’re reading this, then you are just like us… you enjoy a touch of luxury; to experience that splash of perfection that we all deserve now and again.

And just like us, you like to blend indulgence with kind heartedness; you appreciate the opportunity to give something back.

That’s why you’re reading this now. Because you know that behind our sumptuous toiletries is a desire to help our beautiful society and environment.

sinsir-twym-diffuser-and-refillEvery company has a journey to travel; a tale that cultivates as each new path unfolds. We are immensely proud that every new chapter in our story continues to warm the hearts of all of those who engage in what we do.

From the new ideas that tickle our imaginations to the unique opportunities we provide to our staff and volunteers, our mission is always to give.

It’s giving our customers the promise of the finest quality products.

It’s giving life-changing work experience to adults with learning difficulties.

And it’s giving our incredible environment an extra bit of help to thrive.

But it’s you who gives us the ability to keep making such a valuable difference every time you choose our products.

That’s special. Thank you.

We all want to be part of something meaningful; to know that our choices make a difference.

Long may our shared passion continue. Here’s to the next chapter…